Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua is known for her Hermes Birkin collection and penchant for Louis Vuitton trunks, so it’s no surprise that the favourite gift she’s received is a luxurious one.

In her latest YouTube video – which dropped Thursday, Nov 17 – the 49-year-old took the time to answer 50 fan questions about herself in a new episode of her All About Jamie series.

When quizzed about her favourite gifts, Jamie spilled the beans that she has “received many beautiful gifts”.

But, the gift that she found “most meaningful” from her partner Terence Koh is a Marchesa ball gown. 

In the video, Jamie described the dress as “super Cinderella” and that she was “surprised to receive it from him”.

On the flip side, she disclosed that her favourite gift to her significant other is none other than “a LV (Louis Vuitton) watch trunk to keep his collection of watches”.

Jamie also took the chance to show off her love for all things Birkin.

The former arts student listed the Himalayan Diamond Birkin as the bag at the top of her wish list, and explained her reasons for loving the Hermes classic.

“I love Birkin for their workmanship, the history behind it and of course, for its investment value.”

She has ‘too many hobbies’ to be bored

Jamie also revealed that “has too many hobbies to ever be bored”. 

The fashionista has taken an interest in gardening (with the latest addition being a goji berry plant) and farming and started a separate Instagram account to show off the literal fruits of her labour and her fluffy silkie chickens.

Expressing her love for her silkie chickens, Jamie shared that they are a source of comfort whenever she’s having a bad day.

Her secret to caring for her silkies?

“Just give them lots of love and they’ll return with gratefulness in term of fresh farm eggs.”

Jet-setting travel tales

If you love the luxe jet-setting lifestyle, then Jamie didn’t disappoint by sharing all the details of her favourite trips.

While she is looking to tick off Cappadocia in Turkey off her travel bucket list soon, the Singaporean socialite’s favourite trip thus far was attending the Dior Cruise Show in Sevilla, Spain.

Jamie even had time to dispense some handy travel tips, advising everyone to “always geotag your luggage” as bags “have been known to go missing these days because of the confusion in the airport”. 

And in case you’re wondering, the mother-of-two is also quite the foodie when she travels, listing eating as the first thing she does whenever in a new destination.

Despite her love for food, Jamie also shared that she isn’t a fan of working out – listing it as her least favourite activity. 

Guess that makes her just like any one of us. 

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