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Forking out $17 for a meal on a budget flight does sound like an oxymoron.

Not that it stopped TikTok user Ichoosemaximilian though.

During his 13-hour Scoot flight from Singapore to Berlin, he had the $17 laksa meal and his verdict on it might surprise you.

On Monday (Nov 21), Ichoosemaximilian posted a 56-second video on his personal TikTok channel to share how he and his friend “survived a 13-hour budget flight”.

Apart from the laksa review, Ichoosemaximilian included some tips for those looking to fly budget on their next overseas trip.


landed with arthritis

♬ 2942 – maximilian

This traveller and his friend were headed to Germany to catch American singer Keshi live in the flesh.

They decided on Scoot as it was the only airline that flew directly to the German capital, he said. 

With their flight taking off past midnight, one would hope this could be a precursor to a long comfortable sleep onboard the plane.

Unfortunately, three hours of shuteye was all Ichoosemaximilian could muster as a nearby toddler “kept screaming and crying”.

So it was a case of plugging in earphones and catching up on some movies or TV series.

With there being no in-flight entertainment onboard, Ichoosemaximilian said it was essential to download shows on one’s personal devices prior to the flight.

Ichoosemaximilian said he had no issues with the cleanliness or legroom on the plane.

But for added comfort, he suggested bringing a neck pillow and even provided a tip on how to wear it correctly.

Toward the end of the flight, Ichoosemaximilian was served his $17 laksa meal which he found “so damn good”. The portions, however, left much to be desired.

When it comes to plane meals, size does matter it seems.

Netizens voiced their thoughts in the comments section, some providing their own tips while others mentioned that it’s best to temper one’s expectations when on budget flights.

From the comment thread, it seems quite a number of TikTok users said they would avoid budget airlines altogether, with Singapore Airlines (SIA) the popular choice for most. 

From our check, it seems that a basic return ticket between Singapore and Berlin would cost about $1,600 on Scoot this month. 

Naturally, SIA is much more expensive, at about $3,900 for a return ticket on the same day. However, one consideration is that there are no straight flights between the two cities on SIA. 

But in case you’re a sucker for our national carrier, these travel tips provided by a former SIA cabin crew would likely be very useful.

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