TRISTAN TATE is Andrew Tate’s younger bother and the pair have a lot in common.

But people are wondering who Tristan Tate has dated. Here is what we know:


Tate often shares snaps on his Instagram of his lavish lifestyle and frequent travelsCredit: instagram @talismantate

Who has Tristan Tate dated?

Tristan Tate is a 34-year-old ex athlete and entrepreneur from Luton.

He appeared on the British reality TV show, Shipwrecked: The Island, in 2011, where he became infamous for some of his strong opinions.

Tate has only been publicly linked romantically to one woman: Bianca Dragusanu.

Since their relationship ended, he has allegedly remained single.

Bianca Dragusanu

Tate dated the Romanian TV presenter and model, Bianca Dragusanu in 2018.

The ex kickboxer made headlines in Romania, when the news broke out about that he was dating a well-known TV personality and model.

Dragusanu has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and describes herself as a “TV Presenter, journalist, entrepreneur and business woman”.

The Romanian TV presenter was married to a man named Victor Slav when she was caught cheating on him with Tate.

She subsequently left her marriage to be in a relationship with Tate.

Whilst they were together, the couple both shared pictures of each other to their Instagram accounts, however the posts have since been deleted.

The pair broke off their relationship in 2018 after just over a year of dating and Tate seems to have been single ever since.

It is unclear why the pair stopped dating.

Does Tristan Tate have any children?

Tate has mentioned in interviews that he does have children, however he said he doesn’t want to talk about how many he has and what their names are.

It is currently unknown whether his brother, Andrew Tate, has any kids as he has stayed silent on the topic.

In June 2021, Andrew appeared on the Anything Goes with James English podcast, where he was asked if he had any children.

He responded: “Do I have kids? If I had kids, I wouldn’t say it on the podcast.”

What is Tristan Tate’s net worth?

As of 2022, Tristan Tate’s net worth is estimated to be between £90million and £99million.

He has accrued his wealth across multiple platforms, including kickboxing championships, television appearances, and sports commentating.

His brother, Andrew Tate, also has a substantial net worth of over £320million.

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