Advertising spend in China in the first half of 2022 decreased by 11.8%, according to data from CTR.

China’s advertising market saw contractions in multiple industries; IT Products & Services and Entertainment’s ad spend decreased by over 40% in H1 2022.

Almost all top 10 industries by total TV ad spend saw various degrees of decrease except Personal Commodities.

Among the top 10 industries by total internet ad spend, only IT Products & Services (45.9%), Business Services (21.7%), and Entertainment (68.2%) saw over 20% growth in H1.

Compared with 2021, the proportion of net increase in advertisers’ marketing budgets in 2022 will narrow. 32% of advertisers said they would increase their marketing spend, down significantly from 44% last year, while 30% said they would reduce their marketing spend, a net increase of just 2%, but still better than 2020.

In 2022, the three types of Internet platforms with the largest expected increase in advertisers’ s…

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