Just when you thought the brawl was over, both sides have thrown in sucker punches after the bell.

In an Instagram post on Monday (Aug 8), local actor Glenn Yong appeared to have taken a shot at China-based local singer-actress Eleanor Lee after she said the legal dispute between them was a “misunderstanding”. 

Said Glenn, 25: “Nah what misunderstanding (sic), [I] just want to live in peace and wrap myself up in a comfy coat.”

The supposed argument between the former friends began after it was reported on Monday that both parties had been to multiple sessions of Case Management Conferences between April 29 and Aug 1 this year.

It is understood that Glenn was a Claimant in a POHA (Protection from Harassment Act) case, where 22-year-old Eleanor, who’s the daughter of local host Quan Yi Fong, was the Respondent.

After news of their dispute broke, Eleanor responded in an Instagram Story on Monday that the “disagreements were a misunderstanding” and that the duo have since “cleared the air” with help from their lawyers. 

A few hours after Eleanor’s statement, Glenn posted a nearly identical statement but without the word “misunderstanding”. 

Eleanor also posted another statement on Instagram Story late in the afternoon on Monday, where the contentious word “misunderstanding” was removed, according to a Zaobao report yesterday.

Furthermore, she also wrote on both Twitter and Instagram on Monday: “Sometimes when you can’t help someone with their career, they come after yours. But hey, life goes on and I have rehearsals to go to, brb (be right back)!”

It is worth mentioning that Eleanor isn’t a stranger to cryptic messages like this.

In a tweet on Aug 7, she wrote in Mandarin: “Because he doesn’t have your talents, he’ll keep trying to smother you while trying to stand above you.” 

Glenn previously admitted in an interview with 8Days in March that he was facing harassment online since December last year.

On one occasion, Glenn noted multiple spam accounts posting negative comments on his social media posts, which then became direct messages to his friends.

Glenn’s older brother and mother reportedly also received messages that accused Glenn of having one-night stands in the family car.    

It appeared Eleanor and Glenn used to be friends, with him attending her 21st birthday party in October 2020. Photos showed the two of them posing side by side together with Yi Fong and showbiz veteran Dasmond Koh. Glenn was formerly a freelancer with Dasmond’s talent management agency NoonTalk Media.

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