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Let’s be honest—at this point, there are probably more Wordle clones and alternatives than there are weird versions of Monopoly. But that’s fine. After all, Wordle is fun and it always leaves us wanting more. Thankfully, Hurdle serves up five rounds of Wordle.

This challenging Wordle alternative works mostly the same as the original does, but gives you five puzzles to solve spread across five rounds, with six possible guesses for each. A yellow tile means that letter is in the word, but currently in the wrong spot; a green tile means the correct letter is in the correct space.

However, there’s a slight twist here: each of the five puzzles are connected. The first puzzle’s solution is automatically your first guess for the next puzzle, and if any of its letters are correct (or in the correct place), they’ll be highlighted accordingly.

Things get tough in the fifth and final round, however, should you prove skilled enough to make it there. All four of your previous solutions are filled in as your first four guesses for that round, leaving you a meager two guess slots to work with. Hopefully, those guesses help you out by providing you with at least a couple of yellow and green tile hints.

Hurdle is honestly an upgrade from the original. After all, who can resist Wordle? Having a few extra rounds to play through each day really scratches that word game itch, and being able to clear all five hurdles will really just make your day that much better. Happy Hurdlin’!

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