The Bet365 Sportsbook Ontario launch is finally here. It’s a familiar favorite for many Ontarians who can now enjoy Bet365 in a safe, legal environment. Here’s everything bettors need to know about Bet365 Ontario, including its settlement plan for old bets and terms for the Bet365 Ontario welcome offer.

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Bet365 Sportsbook Ontario Launch And Settlement Plan

However, Ontario bettors who placed bets before Bet365 became legal and had their bets voided must place those bets again on the newly legal platform. If bettors were locked into better odds before the Bet365 Ontario launch, they can take it up with customer service for a chance at being credited the difference if they win. 

To launch in Ontario, all gray market operators had to settle wagers that were placed before their legal launches. Each former gray market operator had the flexibility to choose how they settled accounts. So, while Bet365 has chosen its settlement method, Ontario bettors will have to check the settlement terms of each former gray market book. 

Bet365 Ontario Welcome Offer Terms

Historically, Bet365 has offered a site credit reward for bettors who meet certain terms. Each site credit reward is different. But there’s often a minimum deposit and minimum odds requirement. So, bettors must check the offer terms for how much they need to deposit and which odds qualify for the offer they’re trying to redeem. 

The way these site credits are paid out varies from offer to offer, too. Bettors may get one batch of site credits to make one large bet with. But bettors could also get those site credits in multiple installments. Ontario bettors should know whether they’ll get their site credits in one batch or have it spread across bets. It’s one of the most important and potentially confusing terms of a rewards offer.    

Finally, Ontario bettors must check each offer for a playthrough requirement. Playthrough requirements require bettors to bet the reward amount several times over before receiving credits. For example, an offer with a 15x playthrough requirement would require bettors to wager $15 before receiving $1 in site credits. Playthrough requirements can make seemingly easy-to-earn credits more expensive. So, bettors must understand this requirement for each offer they find at a sportsbook.   

How To Sign Up For Bet365 Sportsbook Ontario

Bet365 Ontario is available on Apple and Android devices, so signing up is easy. Here are the steps bettors have to follow to start betting: 

  1. Learn more about Bet365 by looking at our detailed review and checking out the special welcome offer here.
  2. Get the app for the proper Android or iOS device, or simply register at the sportsbook website. 
  3. Click the register or signup button either on the landing page or at the top right corner of the screen.    
  4. Fill out the required information including date of birth, address, and SIN. 
  5. Connect a deposit method and make your first deposit. Check offers that catch your eye first to take minimum deposit requirements into account. 
  6. Place your first bet. Again, check offers you’re thinking about redeeming to check minimum odds and qualifying bet requirements. 

Signing up shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, bettors on Ontario’s border may run into geolocation troubles. The software that sportsbooks use to detect bettor locations can get fuzzy around market borders. So, inconvenient though it may be, bettors near Manitoba’s or the United State’s borders may have to move inland for their locations to be confirmed. 

What To Bet On At Bet365

Bet365 offers many types of bets on many sports and leagues. Mainstream sports like hockey and football — both Canadian and American — are available on Bet365. Bet365 also offers odds on sports like basketball, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, and of course, soccer. Each of these sports breaks down into many leagues and many bets, including game lines, futures, and props. That doesn’t even account for the parlays bettors can place. 

So, whatever Ontario sports bettors are looking for, it’s probably available at Bet365.   

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