Inside the lavish lifestyle of Bernard Tomic’s little-known sister as she ditches the professional tennis circuit to live a life of luxury – with Versace jumpsuits, Gucci bags and reality star friends

  • Bernard Tomic’s sister Sara Tomic, 22, is an inactive professional tennis player
  • Hasn’t played a pro match for 15 months, is instead partying on the Gold Coast
  • Ms Tomic posts images of herself in designer outfits with adult model girlfriends 

By Peter Vincent For Daily Mail Australia

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Bernard Tomic’s little sister has grown up and appears to have swapped her rackets for a life of luxury labels and partying with adult entertainers on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Sara Tomic, who was aspiring to follow her brother Bernard into a professional tennis career, is now 23 and far more active on social media than on the court in the past year and a half.

Official records show that although Ms Tomic, who spoke out in support of her brother in 2019, still has a 53 per cent winning average, she hasn’t picked up a racket for a pro match in 15 months.

Sara Tomic, who was aspiring to follow her brother Bernard into a professional tennis career, is now 23 and far more active on social media than on the court in the past year and a half

Ms Tomic (pictured above in black) spends a lot more time with adult entertainers such as Lucie Jaid and Tyana Maree Hansen (pictured above) than athletes these days

Ms Tomic had a very different look back in 2019 when she was active on the court. She is pictured above with her controversial brother Bernard

At 21 she defended Bernard Tomic to New Idea, saying ‘There are so many times people lie about him and it really upsets me.’

Now it seems she is intent on following her brother’s example of making a name for herself more off the tennis court than on it – though she isn’t a regular in gossip columns just yet.

Her WTA ranking has plummeted from a career high 379 to 841 as she has become totally inactive as a tennis player.

But now 23, she remains active in the gym but busiest on the club dancefloor and Gold Coast models’ social circuit.

Ms Tomic posts regularly images of herself decked out in designer fashions on Instagram

Ms Tomic parties with Love Island star and Onlyfans model Edyn Denise (left) on the Gold Coast 

Since she last played a tour match in late August 2020, Tomic, 23, has shared posts of herself decked out in designer labels, partying with reality television stars and adult model friends.

She’s also shown cruising the Gold Coast in ultra-expensive cars with local entrepreneurs.

Ms Tomic has posted herself posing and partying with Love Island stars Shelby Bilby and Edyn Denise, who have both turned to selling explicit photos on OnlyFans, as well as Married at First Sight cast member Alana Lister. 

In one post she is at a luxury car promotion at the Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, and pans her camera across Lamborginis, Maseratis, Ferraris and a Rolls Royce.

In another post she’s cruising the Gold Coast highway in one of the cars and then again pans the cars at a beachside location.

She is also pictured in a Versace jumpsuit  pole dancing at Cali Beach club at Surfer’s Paradise.

Ms Tomic parties with Onlyfans model Alana Lister (pictured centre) and another friend blowing smoke at the camera in a video from her Instagram

Her pet spoodle, Prince Medo – who has his own Instagram page – is pictured on wearing a Gucci sweater too.

Ms Tomic broke through to win her first title at Sharm El Sheikh, Egpyt in 2015 – and $10,000 for her efforts – at just 17 years of age.

She has played six hard court finals by 19, winning three and losing three matches with career earnings of $64,000.

In 2016, her father John was involved in an ugly incident during one of her matches, yelling ‘Change linesman if they cannot see’ from courtside.  

Ms Tomic regularly posts images of designer fashion and accessories such as Versace and Gucci

Ms Tomic’s spoodle, Prince Medo, is pictured above wearing a Gucci outfit

In 2019, Ms Tomic scrapped her way into the main draw of the Mildura Grand Tennis International, then went on a good run at the same event a year later, losing in the quarterfinals. 

Then came some mixed success in lower tier UTR Pro matches mid way through last year, where she won three and lost three.

Bernard Tomic, who was ranked 17th in 2016,  is currently ranked 250th in the world. 

He retired in his last match, a qualifying round defeat to to Maxime Cressy in Kazhakstan in September. 

Tomic deleted his Instagram account in June just days after he was filmed smashing up his OnlyFans girlfriend Vanessa Sierra’s $16,000 laptop during a tantrum. 

Daily Mail Australia reached out to Sara Tomic for comment. 

Ms Tomic is pictured with her more famous brother Bernard in 2019


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