Dragon Ball Super revealed some of Granolah’s best techniques in the manga yet with the newest chapter of the series! With the Granolah the Survivor Arc now scheduled to come to an end some time this year, each new chapter of the series is that much more enticing as it also means that the end of the fight is coming closer as well. This seemed to be the case with the end of the previous chapter as Granolah seemed to figure out a way to get an edge over Gas was to keep surprising the Heeter with some new moves and techniques.  The newest chapter of the series picks up right after that cliffhanger that saw Granolah fighting against Gas in full, and unfortunately it becomes immediately apparent that the more Granolah fights against Gas, the more the Heeter is becoming accustomed to all of Granolah’s moves. This leads him to dig into his arsenal even more for more techniques that could possibly do the job and sees him drawing on very familiar moves such as making clones of himself and more throughout the fight.  (Photo: Shueisha)Chapter 80 reveals quickly that Gas is speedily catching onto each and every one of Granolah’s techniques, but just like his fight against Goku and Vegeta, Granolah reveals that he’s very quick on his feet and is able to pull out all kinds of new tricks with his Dragon Ball granted abilities. This includes using Hakai to create something akin to a smokescreen that catches the Heeter off guard despite his overwhelming strength advantage over Granolah. When Gas caught onto these moves too, Granolah revealed another trick. He then reveals that on top of Instant Transmission he could also unleash multiple clones of himself. Just like he did in the fight before, this new version of the cloning instead gives him many more copies. They divide his strength like the first time as well, but it was really only a distraction that allowed him to land a choice attack directly to Gas’ chest. Unfortunately, even all of these tricks weren’t enough to completely take down Gas.  0commentsBut this is only reflective of just how many strategies and tricks Granolah still has under his employ. It’s the idea that he’ll fight smarter instead of harder from here on out, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will be enough just yet. But what do you think? What kinds of tricks do you think Granolah still have up his sleeves? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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