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The global chip shortage saga continues! We’ve already seen the impacts of the shortage, affecting things like smartphones and GPUs with seemingly no end in sight. Now the delays are even impacting GM’s EVs, and the company is choosing to idle production soon.

While the shortage has not affected the company’s production, this decision will affect multiple plants. Starting the week of August 23, GM will pause production of its Michigan-based Orion Assembly factory for one week. Since that’s the location where Chevrolet’s Bolt EV hatchback and Bolt EUV crossover are made, they’ll also see a one-week halt. GM plans for the plant to resume production the following week, however, starting August 30.

GM says its future electric vehicles—GMC’s Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq—remain unaffected for the time being. The two are expected to launch sometime in early 2022, but any further supply issues or problems could change at any time and push that date back.

The shortage could continue well past this year into 2022 as well. AutoForecast Solutions estimates that “total production losses resulting from the microchip shortage could climb to more than 7.1 million vehicles globally.” As with many other shortage issues in tech right now, everything ultimately depends on how and when the chip shortage gets resolved.  

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