Staff members working for the Trotters Restaurant Group have been told that once dining reopens, unvaccinated workers will have to double mask and wear a face shield while at work. They will also have to take a PCR test at their own expense every two weeks.
A memo signed by owner Peter George stated, “While we respect everyone’s right to freedom of choice when it comes to their health and their body, we have taken the following decision.
“Upon the reopening of dining, whenever that may be, any staff member who is unvaccinated will have to wear double masks and a plastic shield (face shield will be provided by the company) whenever they are at work. Further, all staff who are unvaccinated will be required to provide a PCR test, at their own expense, every two weeks. Failure to do so will result in the member of staff being left off the roster.”
George continued, “It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and those we interact with and to ensure to our customers that their satisfaction and their safety are important to us. Whilst I encourage everyone to look at the benefits, of vaccination, I will still respect their right to make their own decision.”
The document concluded by saying the memo would remain in effect until superseded by any subsequent development.
The Trotters Restaurant Group includes the Trotters, Buzo, Amara, Blue Star Diner and Tommy’s Restaurants.
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