Way back in 2003 JoWooD Entertainment launched their clever strategy puzzle game Neighbours from Hell on PC. The game had you playing as a resident named Woody who is trying to get revenge on his insufferable neighbor Mr. Rottweiler by playing pranks on him and setting up traps for him to get caught in. Woody commissions a TV crew to come and film the whole thing as a reality TV show, and so it’s incredibly important that he pulls off his increasingly elaborate pranks without getting caught. The more pranks and shenanigans he gets over on Rottweiler, the higher the ratings and the rewards will be for Woody. Get caught though? Rottweiler will beat you down unmercifully and your show will get cancelled.
It’s certainly a unique premise for a video game, and while Neighbours from Hell didn’t exactly set the world on fire back then it did gain a respectable cult following of fans. When JoWood went belly up about a decade ago the IP was snatched up by THQ Nordic, and they released both the original Neighbours from Hell and its sequel on mobile back in 2017. Then just last year a remastered compilation of those two games called Neighbours back From Hell was released on consoles and PC, and next month HandyGames will be bringing it to mobile devices as well.

With Neighbours back From Hell on mobile you can expect higher resolution visuals and double the resolution of the original games as well as full controller support. Being that the game’s premise is that it’s a TV show, the first game is considered “Season 1″ and the second game “Season 2″ and both seasons combined will provide 28 “episodes” for you to play through. The first Season is basically just you messing with your neighbor at his residence, but Season 2 sees you going on vacation and pranking him and others in locations around the world.
It sounds like a good time for both the fans of the original games and those who just find the whole idea interesting. Neighbours back From Hell is set to arrive on mobile August 3rd at a price of $4.99 and you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store or pre-register on the Google Play Store for Android right now.

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