Eddie Alvarez couldn’t get past Ok Rae Yoon at ONE on TNT 4.

Eddie Alvarez couldn’t get past Ok Rae Yoon at ONE on TNT 4, falling to Ok Rae Yoon by unanimous decision. While Alvarez made the contest close, the two men didn’t do much to distance themselves for sure during the bout, with the exception of the near-stoppage late into the first round.

With a bit more than a minute left on the clock, Ok dropped Alvarez with a big shot and jumped on top of him to try and finish the fight. Alvarez ate a lot of shots, but the ref didn’t call off the fight as Alvarez was still attempting to defend himself. Attempting, because he wasn’t doing a great job at it.

The next two rounds were similar to the first, with Alvarez backing up Ok against the cage, and trying to take Ok down to the ground. Alvarez secured several takedowns but couldn’t do anything with them, with Ok constantly getting up and fighting off multiple takedown attempts.

Alvarez did land some nice shots but nothing that made the judges forget about Ok dropping him. As ONE Championship judges rounds in their entirety and not round-by-round like in the United States, with promotions like Bellator and the UFC, that one big strike left a big enough memory to be erased by simple grinding.

Alvarez drops to one win, two losses, and one no-contest since joining ONE Championship, struggling to get over on top-five talent regularly.

For Rae, he’s won two fights in the span of four weeks, and despite being number five in the rankings, he may be on his way up the rankings.

ONE on TNT 4 takes place on Wednesday, April 28, live from Singapore. Follow along with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.

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