The Poco X3. (Source: Xiaomi)
The Poco X3. (Source: Xiaomi)

Yet another device has gone up in flames. Again, it’s a Xiaomi phone, this time the Poco X3. Supposedly, the device spontaneously combusted while charging, but Poco has claimed it was down to the customer puncturing the battery beforehand.

Another day, another story of yet another smartphone choosing to spontaneously go the way of flames. There have been multiple reports of Xiaomi phones going up in flames over the last few years, and the latest comes from the owner of a Poco X3 in India. 

According to the user, the device was bought back in December. There doesn’t appear to have been any ownership hiccups from then until the phone went up in flames while charging. The latter should come as no surprise, as virtually every case of an exploding smartphone so far has happened during charging.

Poco—Xiaomi, by extension—isn’t so keen on taking any blame for the incident. The company has claimed, based on “initial investigation”, that the incident only happened because the battery was punctured prior. The company has also filed the case under “Customer Induced Damage”, effectively ridding itself of all liability.

This incident once again highlights the volatility of lith-ion batteries, and with charging wattages—and charging temperatures, in turn—seeing a sharp climb over the past year or so, there’s a chance more cases like this start to surface. Hopefully not, but the laws of physics are hard to beat.

Currently, our team is investigating into this case to determine the cause. Basis our initial investigation, the damage was caused due to external force. It is evident from the pictures that someone punctured the battery that led to the fire. [2/4]

— POCO India Support (@POCOSupport) April 16, 2021

Ricci Rox, 2021-04-18 (Update: 2021-04-18)

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