Rumours about LG planning to shut its smartphone division have been around for quite some time now. An official announcement was due soon, and it has finally arrived via an official press release. LG is officially shuttering its smartphone division in the face of mounting losses, lack of sales and, according to a report from earlier, its inability to find a buyer. It will continue to remain operational till July 31, though.

LG says that it will continue to provide software support to its existing smartphone lineup, although it won’t be for very long. Then again, LG was far from the best when it came to such things, with several devices often going months without a software update. Thankfully, its Android 11 update schedule is expected to go ahead as planned. Some devices could even get Android 12, but that will likely remain restricted to a handful of flagship models.

LG’s existing stock of smartphones should remain available for purchase until stocks last, along with first-party accessories such as chargers. As far as after-sales services are concerned, they should operate as usual until further notice. This also means that we’ll never get to see LG’s rollable smartphone that was reportedly in the works, which is unfortunate.

The chances of LG making a Motorola/Nokia style comeback a few years later is very real, though. Although its recent offerings may be tepid compared to stalwarts such as the LG G4 and LG G5, the company has, on several occasions, demonstrated that it knows how to make a good smartphone. This will also help LG to focus more on its vast repertoire of industry-leading products such as smart TVs and other consumer electronics goods.

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