This is a clip of the time Michael went on The Price is Right and his years of autistic-like dedication to the show paid off. And, yes, I’m referring to him simply as Michael as if everybody knows him because everybody should know him. According to a commenter on Reddit:

I was there for this live. Micheal knew every price of every item on the show that day. My friend (also named Micheal) beat him on the wheel spin only because it’s the one thing this amazing dude couldn’t win through his intellect. He was shouting out the exact prices for both the showcase showdown from the audience but my buddy couldn’t hear him and overbid. Being in the audience that day represents one of the best days of my life, on vacation in Cali, endless laughter, entertainment and seeing Micheal do this remarkable feat of memorization.

If you told me this was a Zach Galifianakis sketch I would’ve believed you, because it’s hard to believe Michael is a real person and that this actually happened. I mean, I just watched it and I’m still not entirely sure Michael is a real person.

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