With Maya Rudolph hosting the first new Saturday Night Live episode in a full month this weekend, an appearance by Vice President Kamala Harris was all but inevitable. And yet it took nearly halfway through the show to get it.

After opening the show by hosting an MTV Spring Break game show called “Snatched, Vaxed or Waxed” and breaking out her classic Beyoncé impression on a parody of Hot Ones, Rudolph finally delivered a special Passover unity message as the vice president—joined by the one and only Martin Short as her husband, “Semitic smoke show” Doug Emhoff.

“I can’t do this. I’m too shy,” he said bashfully. “I’m just a shy entertainment lawyer.” With a little encouragement from his wife and some sexy lighting and music, Emhoff told her, “Listen to me, girl, I support you.” But anytime he’s not there, he added, “That’s just me telling you, you got this, baby.”

    From there, the pair received a series of bipartisan guests, including Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz—who brought pork and bread—Kenan Thompson’s Raphael Warnock and Cecily Strong’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    “By the way, somebody scraped the crap out of a Prius in your driveway,” Cruz told them. “No idea who did it. Probably my daughters. It definitely wasn’t me. My only crime is loving too much… and sedition.”

    But the most momentous section featured the long-awaited return of SNL’s new Joe Biden, Alex Moffat, who popped in to boast about his big press conference and check in to see how Harris was doing with her gig overseeing the border crisis.

    “Wow, thank you for the opportunity,” Harris deadpanned. “Such a fun, solvable problem.”

    The sketch ended with Biden’s dog German Shepherd attacking Martin Short’s Emhoff, who relayed the Passover saying “Dayenu,” or “It would have been enough” to his wife.

    But if she only gets to be vice president, she told him, “That won’t be enough.”

    For more, listen to Martin Short on The Last Laugh podcast.

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