On December 13, 2020 whilst waiting to board their flight to escape violence perpetrated by Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu (nee Hiromi Satou), British citizen Mr. McGinnis (25) and his fiance R. Kanemitsu (21) (redacted to protect privacy) who is pregnant, were brutally assaulted and prevented from leaving Tokyo Narita Airport by security and police.

The pair were prevented to leave to Britain and for R. Kanemitsu to seek asylum after being abducted, beaten and assaulted by Hideto Kanemitsu and Hiromi Kanemitsu who had wrongfully alleged Mr. McGinnis was trying kidnap their daughter and lied to police to prevent boarding onto the flight heading to London via Abu Dhabi using Etihad Airways as per official police reports.

R. Kanemitsu had escaped Kyoto and fled to Tokyo to board the flight to escape persecution and violence perpetrated by Hideto Kanemitsu and Hiromi Kanemitsu and seek shelter and safety in form of asylum in Britain as per official police reports.

The police tried to detain Mr. McGinnis, in a leaked video by an activist group from presumably Australia, it is shown R. Kanemitsu begging for her parents to let her go and to stop the abuse furthermore, you see both Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu assault both physically and verbally R. Kanemitsu and Mr. McGinnis. As per official reports, the police had let Mr. McGinnis go and advised him to leave Japan for his own safety, R. Kanemitsu was taken by her parents and has been deprived of freedom and is now being abused psychologically by Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu. The video was recorded by R. Kanemitsu’s sister, Ririka Kanamitsu who had started recording after the first beating of R. Kanemitsu took place by her father Hideto Kanemitsu. The recordings took place in order to entrap Mr. McGinnis, who was prevented from recording in the first instance of the event by the security guard, Hiroyuki Ueno as seen in this video as per official police reports.

Days prior, Hideto Kanemitsu used his political and police connections to forcefully and illegally divorce Mr. McGinnis from his then wife R. Kanemitsu and have British citizen Mr. McGinnis assaulted as well as attempted to kill Mr. McGinnis as per official police reports. The divorce was illegally authorized by City Hall employees of Takamatasu city hall, on behalf of same attorney who was acting for both the Takamatsu city hall and Hideto Kanemitsu, Ken Tashiro who has been a registered attorney since 1979 under Kagawa Bar Association – REG 17000 as per official police reports.

After the event, the police in the airport had informed Mr. McGinnis that, Ririka Kanemitsu saw Mr. McGinnis and R. Kanemitsu in the airport for Mr. McGinnis not to press charges and for the police not to intertwine as they described ‘complex family matter perpetrated by individuals from the Kanemitsu family who are not of sound mind’. The police as reported found no criminal activity or intent from either Mr. McGinnis or R. Kanemitsu, instead wanting not to deal with the matter at hand as reported by one officer from the scene ‘the father and mother were clearly intent on causing damage and distress to everyone involved, whatever means necessary, we were disgusted ourselves.’. The officers at the time advised Mr. McGinnis to leave Japan for his and R. Kanemitsu’s own safety and to avoid any further altercations, citing, that if Mr. McGinnis tried to press charges against both Hideto Kanemitsu and Hiromi Kanemitsu, there and then, who she, after the recordings of the video had attacked Mr. McGinnis in-front of the police, he would be taken to the police station where after, he’d be let go, however they could not guarantee his safety nor would they be able to assist and thus after the nature of attempted killing of Mr. McGinnis and without knowledge of the local area or language he was forced to leave under extreme duress as per official police reports.

R. Kanemitsu was taken away to the home of Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu who deprived her of freedom taking away her personal belongings and threatening to kill Mr. McGinnis if she saw him again as per official police reports.

R. Kanemitsu fled and sought police protection, reportedly police had refused to help instead stating that whilst she is an adult, she should consult with her parents as she is the property of her parents while attending University. This caused distress across European governments and within the greater East Asia region which are investigating the matter under ‘deprivation of human and women rights of a pregnant mother, of a British citizen’ as stated per official Amnesty report. She fled to Tokyo to meet Mr. McGinnis and board the flight as per the leaked video. Hideto Kanemitsu used his local police connections to illegally track down R. Kanemitsu and Mr. McGinnis at Tokyo Narita Airport by alleging kidnapping in order to violently assault pregnant R. Kanemitsu with his wife Hiromi Kanemitsu as per official witness statements at the airport.

It is reported by ex-Kanemitsu Co. LTD., employees that Hideto Kanemitsu is known locally and thus is able to use friendships within the local police and local government to circumvent National Law and Legislation and has abused the law to his own advantage in the past, with multiple attacks of civilians within Takamatsu city limits and is under suspicion of human rights violations in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, all under investigation by an international human rights watchdog organization. It’s also reported Hideto Kanemitsu is member of the Rotary club who strive to help the underprivileged, acting as an executive for the vulnerable, which reportedly is an ‘act’ to put up a good public image to hide the abuse of laws, legislation and the constant beatings of his own employees and illegal and inhumane activity abroad, as reported by one of ex-employees. It is also reported that Hideto Kanemitsu, has illegally, ordered the local city hall responsible for Naoshima, to report any requests R. Kanemitsu may make to get paperwork to receive a new passport as per official police reports to flee to safety into Britain as well as to prevent city officials from talking to INTERPOL agents to obfuscate evidence of forced divorce, threats, attempted murder and stolen documentation of Mr. McGinnis such as passport and driving license.

The full story is under investigation and has gained widespread attention from British media and authorities as per official reports.

Amy Stewart of an Independent Women in New York made the following statement:

Ms. R. Kanemitsu has been beaten, assaulted and psychologically tortured by Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu for many years, including brother, Taiyo Kanemitsu as well as having to endure psychological abuse from Ririka Kanemitsu and beatings in order to force an abortion of her British child, which the international community are fully aware of and have evidence of. Ms. R. Kanemitsu remains in captivity with the family having taken away her passport to prevent her from leaving the country on her own accord, resulting in full fledged kidnapping. We were told she is being held captive in Naoshima and has been given support by her aunt [Kumiko Kanemitsu] as per evidence submitted to us. It is clear as day, the actions taken by the local government and police are downright shameful and an embarrassment to the international community, and we hope more women are aware of this very sexist and violent situation and not travel to the Kagawa region or engage with any of the Kanemitsu family members. We are hoping they are ready to cooperate and provide Ms. R. Kanemitsu with the documentation she needs to seek asylum in Britain. We were absolutely disgusted and shocked at the actions of both parents and police who did not prevent the mother from choking or the father from beating Ms. R. Kanemitsu, who is pregnant.

It has also been reported that Taiyo Kanemitsu had attempted to contact and harass Mr. McGinnis via Instagram, personal messaging app and Zoom calls, and to threaten media and authorities under false presumption to protect his image and to deprive individuals of factual news content, as well as stating that Mr. McGinnis would never see R. Kanemitsu ever again and threatened to go to the media outlets himself to conduct defamation of Mr. McGinnis by, what is believed, lying about the facts and withholding factual evidence. Under further investigation and after speaking to several past Kapi‘olani Community College classmates of Taiyo Kanemitsu they had described him as “Introverted and keeping away from others, who never talked much or had that many friends, but had quite a bad energy about him and would try to harass and assault girls.” as described by several female classmates. Representatives from YouTube Inc., had contacted both media outlets and authorities to report several false flagging reports made by the Kanemitsu family in order to take down the video under ‘defamation’, which has been viewed as another attempt of suppression of evidence and obstruction of Justice which can lead to harsher sentencing.

Hideto Kanemitsu had also sent an e-mail to both Mr. McGinnis and his business partner threatening him with death and stating that he knows where both live which had placed both business partners under extreme duress. Both Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu are reportedly demanding a ¥10,000,000 yen ransom, equivalent to €79,000 euro to release their daughter which Ms. Stewart has called “an absolutely shameful act of extortion, and definition of literal kidnapping – with the local Japanese police acting in form of protection for the parents due to Hideto and Hiromi Kanemitsu’s corrupt extortionate tactics.

It is also reported by the local medical association that Hiromi Kanemitsu is under investigation for sadistic medical practices after several nurses had come forward with evidence, and for attempted incarceration, with the help of her son Taiyo Kanemitsu of her daughter within a mental ward where she would be drugged, as Hiromi Kanemitsu had falsely tried to report R. Kanemitsu as having a ‘mental problem’ which needs ‘severe medication’ and to have the unborn British child be forcefully aborted.

Both British and European authorities, in collaboration with East Asian authorities are working to bring forward prosecution against the family for attempted murder, harassment, kidnapping, false statements to police and government officials and attempted obfuscation of proof by the Kanemitsu family which could see the family members face very severe sentencing.

Editor’s Note: Recent events as reported by an official source indicate that Ms. R. Kanemitsu had an abortion of the unborn British child due to pressure from Kagawa’s police force and Kanemitsu family in order to conceal the case, including pressure from her aunt, Kumiko Kanemitsu who through official reports had pressured Ms. Kanemitsu to partake in the abortion, and had attacked her earlier this week to induce an abortion. The abortion had been paid for by the father of Ms. R. Kanemitsu, Hideto Kanemitsu. Kumiko Kanemitsu runs a Hotel in Naoshima, ‘Yado Seven Beach’ where Ms. R. Kanemitsu had been held in captivity nearby. The family had reportedly coerced Ms. R. Kanemitsu to abort the unborn British child and leave Mr. McGinnis to offer “protection”, as per official source, and to submit false reports to police to protect the family members citing “abortion out of her own accord and will”.