Miami head coach Manny Diaz has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced Friday morning on social media.

Diaz, 46, said he is in isolation and “feeling good overall.” He will work virtually to help the No. 12 Hurricanes prepare for their upcoming game against Wake Forest on Dec. 5.

Diaz’s positive test comes just days after Miami’s three remaining games were postponed due to COVID-19 cases within the program. The Hurricanes were down 13 players in their 25–24 win over Virginia Tech last weekend.

Saturday’s scheduled game against Georgia Tech was moved to Dec. 19–the day of the ACC championship. The postponed game is among a group of 16 contests that have been postponed or canceled in Week 12 due to COVID-19 issues across college football.

The Dec. 19 contest will not be played if the Hurricanes qualify for the title game or if the game’s result could directly impact the determination of the two qualifying ACC championship teams.

After moving Miami-Wake Forest from Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, the ACC also pushed back UNC-Miami by a week to Dec. 12. 

“What we know is we don’t have a coronavirus-in-college-football problem. We have a coronavirus-in-America problem,” Diaz told reporters on Monday, per the Associated Press. “And everyone, I hope, can see or I would hope can see—you can’t say everyone can see, because the way things are in 2020 everybody can’t agree on anything — but certainly the math is saying that the numbers are really, really getting to a bad place.”

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