One UI 3.0 will begin rolling out later this month to the Galaxy S20 series. (Image source: SamMobile)
One UI 3.0 will begin rolling out later this month to the Galaxy S20 series. (Image source: SamMobile)

Samsung plans to upgrade at least 41 devices to One UI 3.0 by September 2021, according to an official upgrade plan. The company will begin with the Galaxy S20 series this month, before moving onto the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z series. Most devices will not see One UI 3.0 until April 2021 and later, though.

The first official One UI 3.0 upgrade schedule has arrived, courtesy of Tizen Help. According to the screenshot provided, Samsung will be upgrading devices for ten months, with the schedule running from this month until September 2021. One UI 3.0 contains Android 11, so it will not be reaching older flagships like the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 series. Over forty have made the cut for One UI 3.0, though.

Samsung has only published an upgrade plan for Egypt so far, which may well also apply to the rest of Africa. However, the arrival of the update will probably vary for markets like Asia, Europe and North America. Similarly, we would expect Samsung to upgrade the A50s, S10e and S20 FE to One UI 3.0, despite their absence from this list.

The takeaway here is that Samsung will begin rolling out One UI 3.0 from this month, starting with the Galaxy S20 series. Next month will be a busy one as far as One UI 3.0 is concerned, with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z series all set to receive the OS upgrade. By contrast, the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series will not see One UI 3.0 until March 2021. The Galaxy Tab S7 must wait until then for the OS upgrade too, although under 50% of eligible devices will have received One UI 3.0 by then. 

One UI 3.0 release dates

Number Device Expected One UI 3.0 release date
1 Galaxy S20 Preparing in December 2020
2 Galaxy S20 Plus Preparing in December 2020
3 Galaxy S20 Ultra Preparing in December 2020
4 Galaxy S10 Preparing in January 2021
5 Galaxy S10 Plus Preparing in January 2021
6 Galaxy S10 Lite Preparing in January 2021
7 Galaxy Note 10 Preparing in January 2021
8 Galaxy Note 10+ Preparing in January 2021
9 Galaxy Z Flip Preparing in January 2021
10 Galaxy Z Fold 2 Preparing in January 2021
11 Galaxy Note 20 Preparing in January 2021
12 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Preparing in January 2021
13 Galaxy Fold Preparing in February 2021
14 Galaxy M30s Preparing in March 2021
15 Galaxy A51 Preparing in March 2021
16 Galaxy M31 Preparing in March 2021
17 Galaxy M21 Preparing in March 2021
18 Galaxy Tab S7 Preparing in March 2021
19 Galaxy A50 Preparing in April 2021
20 Galaxy M51 Preparing in April 2021
21 Galaxy A70 Preparing in May 2021
22 Galaxy A80 Preparing in May 2021
23 Galaxy Tab S6 Preparing in May 2021
24 Galaxy A71 Preparing in May 2021
25 Galaxy A21s Preparing in May 2021
26 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Preparing in May 2021
27 Galaxy Tab A Preparing in June 2021
28 Galaxy A01-Core Preparing in June 2021
29 Galaxy A01 Preparing in June 2021
30 Galaxy A11 Preparing in June 2021
31 Galaxy M1 Preparing in June 2021
32 Galaxy A30 Preparing in July 2021
33 Galaxy Tab S5e Preparing in July 2021
34 Galaxy A10 Preparing in August 2021
35 Galaxy A10s Preparing in August 2021
36 Galaxy A20 Preparing in August 2021
37 Galaxy A20s Preparing in August 2021
38 Galaxy A30s Preparing in August 2021
39 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Preparing in August 2021
40 Galaxy Tab Active Pro Preparing in August 2021
41 Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) Preparing in September 2021
(Image source: Tizen Help)

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