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Halle Berry was seen in downtown LA yesterday apparently doing a photo shoot for Variety. I assume that the shoot will be for an upcoming feature promoting her directorial debut. She produces and directs herself in Bruised about an MMA fighter trying to make a comeback, not just in the cage but for her son, who she abandoned when he was six years old. 

Halle has documented her training for the role over the last several months and a still from the film was recently released along with the announcement that Bruised will have its world premiere at TIFF:

Shamier Anderson, who is from Toronto, also stars and it must be extra special for him because he was named TIFF’s Rising Star in 2019 and is now returning to the festival with a new project. This year he will also be one of TIFF’s World Ambassadors – check out his peer group: 

I’m telling you right now, every entertainment reporter will be trying to cover Bruised, whatever that looks like. Sounds like everything will be virtual and that a lot of talent have agreed to appear on video chat for promotion. I would happily video chat with Halle Berry from my dining room table, yes please. 

Halle just celebrated her birthday on Saturday. This is what she posted: 

And here’s where she’s really feeling herself which… WOULDN’T YOU?!

She spent the weekend in Vegas, went to a fight, and then… 

Whose feet is she waking up with though? This isn’t the first sighting of the feet. The feet showed up in July: 

Alright internet sleuths. You’ve had a month to analyse the feet and the leg hair. I know you can do this. Figure it out!

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