SCOTIABANK customers can now pay their credit cards at any of the bank’s 67 enhanced ATMs outside of regular banking hours, which eliminates the customer from having to do over-the-counter transactions at the branches.

Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago in a statement said it is in the process of upgrading its ATMs, with new functionalities to help customers conduct their business faster, easier and more securely.

Last year, Scotiabank was the first to introduce next generation ATMs, also known as Intelligent Deposit Machines (IDMs), to Trinidad and Tobago at its digital branches at Price Plaza and Scotia Centre enabling faster, smarter banking.

Commenting on the change, Scotiabank T&T’s senior vice-president and managing director Stephen Bagnarol said, “As part of our commitment to Trinidad and Tobago, we’ve made significant investments in the IDMs to provide our customers with the very best digital and overall banking experience.”

Bagnarol said the network of IDMs has been expanded from six last year to 67, which is deployed across 90 per cent of Scotiabank branches.

“The technology of the IDMs enables customers to do more at the ATM 24/7 than they were able to before. These include bill payments, funds transfer and envelope free deposits.

“Another new feature of the IDMs is the ability to change your PIN. Scotiabank customers with an active Scotiabank EMV chip debit or credit card can now change their PIN at the ATM.”

The senior vice-president and managing director added that all these additional features ensure Scotiabank customers stay safe during the pandemic.

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