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Have you ever felt jealous of someone’s life on social media? From designer outfits and A-List parties to candid laughs and yacht excursions, is the happy world of Instagram all its cut out to be? On her podcast “Everything is the Best,” host Pia Baroncini, asks her guests, “how did you go from 0 to yacht” in an attempt to get real about those questions, and maybe find those common denominators that connect us all.

“It just seems like everyone has this rags to riches story and everything in between was missing,” Baroncini told WrapWomen. It was important for me to tell the full story like, ‘how did you pay your rent?’ We usually just see people living their best lives and it can be discouraging,” she explained.

During a recent interview with WrapWomen, Baroncini takes us behind the scenes of her Dear Media produced podcast and what she’s learned from her guests.

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This podcast for the girl who loves…

Just wants an hour feeling like she’s chatting with friends! We have a wide range of people we talk to, so its for a person who stays interested and interesting!

Hopefully, some good advice and some good laughs!

3 words to describe this podcast are…

Oh man…well I hope you all think its FUNNY, I hope you have an EMOTIONAL moment and really hope its HELPFUL.

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Before starting this podcast, what made you realize, “I need to do this!”

I love a conversation! Social media is great but it can be flat!

What gave you the idea for Everything is the Best?

I had some podcast experience before and people kept asking so thought it was time!

What is “go from 0 to yacht?”

Hahahah! It just seems like everyone has this rags to riches story and everything in between was missing. It was important to me to tell that story, those missing pieces like, “So how did you pay your rent.” We usually just see people living their best lives and it can be discouraging.

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Do you ever have trouble taking your own advice you give on the show?

DUH ALWAYS! That’s the hardest part.

What do you think is the most common advice you give?

To work in the service industry at some point in your career!

What is the best thing you’ve learned from your guests?

Perseverance. The importance of really hard work, grace and following your intuition.

Do you have a favorite episode? 

No way! They are all different!

What are your top tips for living your best life?

Being vulnerable and connecting with people.

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